Secret Stitching & a New Favorite

Hello friends,

I am so sorry I've been so quiet lately; life is busy for us right now, and I've not had much time to make the rounds on your beautiful blogs which bring me so much joy. Plus, all the stitching I'm doing right now is secret: exchanges, birthday presents, and the like.

Still, I thought I'd pop by today and say hello to tell you about a new favorite designer I discovered through a tip from a Prairie Schooler friend: "The Sampler Girl" a.k.a. Tanya Anderson. I must say, I LOVE EVERYTHING SHE MAKES! It is rare for me to just love everything from one designer, but I am truly enchanted. She is the daughter of Lucy Willis of Le Chatelaine Designs. Tanya's designs incorporate that historical and often literary element that I adore.

I am delighted by her Jane Austen series, as I am huge fan of Austen. I especially like the Chrismtas stocking at left.

Tonight I am throwing a party for my husband's birthday, but before the baking begins I do hope to put a few stitches into my PS Autumn Leaves sampler. Our fall foliage in Pennsylvania is gorgeous right now, and the rain and wind have made it perfect stitching weather. I hope you all have a lovely stitchy weekend!

Quaker Garden Update

Quaker Garden has been a s l o w stitch for me for some reason. I think having to wait a month to get my materials somehow cursed my stitching. :) Nevertheless, I'm enjoying the way it's looking.

I am about half way there:

In other, more exciting news, dear Becky has accepted me to the USEBB. I am excited to enter the wonderful world of exchanges!