Quilting, Amy Butler & yummy fabrics

After exercising tonight, I didn't feel like going straight home (Hubbie teaches until late on Monday nights and it gets a little lonely sometimes) so I stopped by Barnes and Noble for a cup of holiday tea and browsed in the crafty section. I found a really neat book of simple sewing projects called Amy Butler's In Stitches which had to go straight on my wish list. She has patterns and projects for feminine but modern handcrafts such as an apron, quilted throw, and a fringed belt/scarf. If you are an experienced seamstress these will not be very exciting to you. But if you are new to sewing and are looking for some fresh, hip projects that don't look like they came from circa 1985, check this one out.

After googling the author's name, I discovered that Amy Butler makes way cool fabric. This led me to an online fabric shop called The Fat Quarter Shop. Which really made me want to become a quilter! All the fabrics are delicious. This is a wonderful online shop, if you've never visited. I don't know if my life can handle another hobby which is likely as addictive and expensive as cross stitch. (Did I mention that I'd love to learn to knit, too?)

Pay It Forward Update:
I've had two lovely ladies sign up for my pay it forward ~ thank you, Vonna and Wendy! I'd love to have three more special friends to send gifts to. Please see post below! I should mention that I would be happy to mail overseas.

I want to give you a giftie!

Well, in the true spirit of holiday giving, a niftie idea is making its way around the stitching blogs. (Does anyone know who originated it?) I have signed up to receive a handcrafted item from my friend, Mary Kathryn. Now I'm going to "pay it forward" to the first five folks who comment here and tell me that they would like to receive something from me. I will send you some form of needlework, and in return, you will add this same offer to your blog. Most folks are giving themselves a 365 day deadline to complete all five gifts, which sounds reasonable (though hopefully we won't need the whole year!).

Please comment, then email me (rachelvendsel @ yahoo dot com) with your snail mail address so I will know where to send your gift, then quick like a bunny go post your own pay it forward offer! This will be a fun exercise in stitching and giving.

had to have 'em!

Aren't these little guys the cutest?

prairie schooler WiP #1- Autumn Leaves

Autumn is my favorite season. I am really enjoying stitching on Praire Schooler No. 132 "Autumn Leaves"- especially because all the rain we've been experiencing in Pennsylvania has knocked most of our beautiful fall foliage off the trees. So I have a bit of fall at home whenever I sit down to stitch.

Need a movie to stitch by? I have a movie recommendation for you: "Dear Frankie" is a sweet story of a mother's love and a young boy's longing for his father, set in Scotland and beautifully photographed.

My Prairie Schooler Ornament

I promised you a picture of the ornament I sent to my exchange partner, Teresa; she has received it so I can share now. It is from the 2000 JCS Ornaments magazine, stiched on a moss green linen. As you can see, my scanner (left) does a much better job of capturing true colors than the camera (below).

But here it is, pictured on the backing fabric, finished into a little tree-shaped pillow with a cinnamon stick "trunk."
I have some more Prairie Schooler WiP's happening right now; Autumn Leaves and the 1992 Santa. I'll get some pictures made and post this week.

Prairie Schooler Ornament Exchange

Look how sweet! It is a tiny pinkeep ornament from my Prairie Schooler Yahoo Fans Group Exchange friend, Teresa.

I have scanned it for you, since my camera is not super, and shown both sides with a penny so you can see how tiny and cute it is. A festive Santa plays dramatically with his small marionette. Teresa stitched this on white linen (I'm not sure what count) and decorated it all around with small pins, backed it with lovely Christmas plaid and fastened it with a thick green cording hanger. Teresa, I just love it, thank you so much!

I mailed Teresa's gift yesterday, and will show you as soon as she's received it.

Are you in the Chrismtas spirit yet? :)