Winter Approacheth

We are in that strange time of year that is between seasons ... the calendar says Autumn but the weather certainly feels like winter! All the gorgeous fall colors we enjoyed this season are completely fallen off the trees now, and the temps have plummeted. We have even had some light dusting of early snow this week, which puts one in the holiday spirit. Mike and I have broken out the flannel sheets, the electric blanket, and the heavy coats. It's also hard to choose: autumn or Christmas stitching?

I have been super busy getting started with my new job, that I haven't had much time for posting here. I sent off two sets of fair squares today, so I'll have those to show soon. In the last month I also finished up the stitching on a 2007 JCS Christmas ornie, put a little progress into Where My Heart Blooms, and worked some on the large piece for Autumn Song by BBD.

Let's see, I was also tagged some time ago by both Jennifer and Tanya to share 6 Random Things About myself. I am going to be a delinquent tagger and not pass it on to 6 others, but feel free to snag this if you want!

1. My hometown is considered part of the "Dairy Capital" of Texas.
2. My father is a large animal vet.
3. I speak Spanish.
4. I am the only daughter of an only daughter, and my first name, Ruth, has been passed on for 4 generations of women.
5. I also read Greek and Hebrew.
6. I hate pickles.