Wedding Sampler finish

Here is a pretty little wedding sampler that I stitched last year but am just now getting around to framing. I can still give it to our friends just under the one year mark! It is a compilation of several design elements from the "Simply Blessed Wedding Sampler" booklet; when I purchased it, I had no idea that the designer is actually one of my favorites - Diane Williams, now self-published as Little House Needleworks.

Colorbox Fun

When I was a little girl, I would ask for the biggest box of crayons that Crayola made, and the first thing I'd do when I got it home was to carefully take out all the cardboard containers and slide the crayons out onto the floor. Then I'd set about arranging each crayon in "rainbow order": Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple... What joy those beautiful colors gave me!

As an adult, I still play with my colors. I've taken a little time away from stitching to organize my floss and fibers. All my DMC were helter-skelter in a bag, and I decided to find a way to organize them. Here they are laid out on my coffee table:

and here is the first half neatly stowed away on bobbins:

My sweet hubbie was the one to suggest a "tackle box" approach to organization (and take me to Michael's to buy them for me! Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful man!). Anyway, I am thrilled with the results. I have three boxes, two for DMC and one for specialty threads and overdyed fibers, which I am just beginning to collect. I have "bobbin-ed up" about half the DMC so far. They are organized by color and each is labled with the DMC # for easy identification. When I am working on a project, I can take out only the floss I need and keep those on a ring. And in the meantime, I can peer down at the beautiful colors for the sheer joy of it!

Update: LHN The Bookshelf

My Bookshelf is beginning to take shape! I love the serif styling of the font and the gold detail on the book spines. When I finish this, I will have to show you a picture of our own well-loved bookshelves.

I am doing this a Stitch-A-Long with my Yahoo! Little House Needleworks group.

Sunflowers Update 2

I scanned it this time, so here is a much better picture for you! I am essentially done with the right hand half of the chart. I can't wait to stitch the house on the left. This project is SUCH a pleasure! All the little smyrna crosses in deep blue and the bright cheerful sunflowers - perfect summery fun.

Coffee by the Candle's Light

While I am waiting to update you on progress pics of Sunflowers and Bookshelf, I will show you a picture of my first Little House Needleworks finish, "Coffee by the Candle's Light."