Happy New Year

Hello Friends!

Shortly after my son was born, the demands of motherhood quickly took priority over stitching and blogging.  My husband was in the midst of finishing a PhD and I was in the midst of acquiring my counseling license.  In 2013, we moved back to Texas and I worked more or less full time while my husband focused on writing his dissertation for a year. Our children were then 3 and 1.  (They are nearly 6 and 4 now).  I stitched a tiny little bit here and there, but both time and money were in rather short supply.  However, life is beginning to settle into some more predictable patterns, and I am finding a few hours here and there to revive my love of stitching.  I have decided to fire up the old blog here as a way to chronicle my progress and re-connect with other stitchers.  Many of my old blogging stitching buddies have become dear friends on Facebook.  I have found, by and large, that my stitching friends are uncommonly blessed with magnanimous and generous hearts, and it has been an unexpected joy to know so many of you through the interwebs.  I hope to perhaps make a few new friends in this season of life.

I do have one small finish to share for 2016. It is a pattern by The Sampler Girl from several years ago, and I changed up the color scheme and finished it as a wee flatfold.  It brought me so much pleasure to start and finish a piece like this.  I think it is a fitting thing to share as I bid my blog welcome again after five years.   If you are reading this, thank you so much for stopping by!  Please come back.  Leave me a comment so I can come and see your work, too!  Happy New Year and here's to new beginnings.