I finally have two finishes to share! Wish I could motivate myself to come on here and blog in between finishes about something beautiful or interesting like so many of you do. Life is filled with many beautiful moments that pass us by so quickly.

My dear sister-in-law just had a sweet baby boy last month, and she has requested that I stitch her a birth sampler. This truly motivated me to finish up Connor's. I put the finishing stitches in today and I just love it. It's too bad we're poor as church mice because I really want to get it framed prontisimo!

I also finally finished the Erica Michaels 'Random Thoughts of Spring' sampler. I had fun playing with color on this piece. Not sure how to finish it off, though ... ideas?
So next up, the sampler I selected for my new baby nephew is "Peapod Sampler" by Bent Creek. Have you seen this one? I think it's really cute, and I have a hard time finding baby samplers that I like. They are mostly all horrible, in my opinion! ;) Do you ever feel this way?

Otherwise, I am busy working and taking care of Connor baby. He is now 17 months, and a big, strong, independent young man who fills our house with joy. Here he is meeting his cousin last month. He wasn't too sure about mommy holding another baby! Hope your summertime is off to an enjoyable start.
Yours in stitches,
x o x o x