proof that I am still stitching

Hello Friends!

It has been a month ... I know that my month's worth of progress looks like what most of you accomplish in a week, but we won't think about that. :) Here are some things to share.

First up is a little pincushion I made for Margaret for the stitching bloggers' birthday club. Margaret loves all things blue, so I decided to do this little design in a blue colorway for her. Somewhere I have the names of the CC fibers I used, I'll try to come back and add them here. I filled this cushion with pellets and fiberfill and I liked the squishy weight of the pellets a lot.

I am working my way through the 2007 JCS ornaments I wanted to stitch. Here is the over 1 ornament from Brightneedle. This is so tiny! Those itty bitty french knots were challenging. Next up is the LHN ornament -- love the colors in this one.

Here is my progress on the Jane Austen Stocking Sampler. This project is such a joy!

I made quite a bit of progress on BBD's Autumn Song. Here is where I was last time I picked it up:

And here is my progress now ... 4 more leafs done:

That's all for now, folks. Preggo update... I am at 29 weeks and need to hurry up and finish this post because I have an appt. with my midwife in 1 hour! See you next time; happy thanksgiving to all.

a Jane stitch for all seasons

Finishes! I did finish "In the Kitchen with Jane Austen" -- such a happy little stitch! Next up I have Jane Austen Sampler Stocking for Christmas (both from TSG). I have had this in my stash for 3 seasons; so happy to finally be getting it started. Last year I purchased a nice cut of white evenweave for this project, but I wanted it to age it a little, so I tried my hand at Vonna's bake and baste method. It turned out beautifully! I need to sub a few of the fiber colors which are too close to the fabric color, but so far that's been easy and I am loving the way it's looking. Here's hoping I can complete this by Christmastime!

Other than a bad cold (bleh) I have been feeling well pregnancy-wise. Thanks for all your sweet comments!

A is for ... Autumn, Austen, Apples

22 weeks today

October is coming! I've been stitching on this little fall design from The Sampler girl and it makes me want to bake apple pies. I also ordered some of Tanya's new designs to add to my Jane Austen collection ... and looking at the patterns is almost as fun as stitching them. :) More stitchy stash in the mail this morning includes these adorable accessories from The Gift of Stitching. I think this is my first needleminder!

Last night we visited the Celtic Classic which is a huge Celtic music festival in Bethelehem, PA. We went last year and have been looking forward to returning this year. I could not resist picking up these cute little t-shirts for the baby. They are so small ~ I put my hand in the photo to show how cute and tiny they are. My husband really liked the "wee little troublemaker" one. :) We also purchased this yummy bread -- who can pass up "Autumn Bread"? I toasted it with butter, cinnamon, and sugar this morning -- delish. So - I am starting to look really preggers, yeah?

Laundry is calling, so bye for now!
Hello Stitching World ~ Long Time No See!

I've been quite the delinquent blogger of late. Last evening, I went out for a fun night of "Stitching at the Ford" sponsored by The Strawberry Sampler, and had fun meeting up with Anna VS and Dianne along with a bunch of other local stitchers. It inspired me to update my blog!
Dianne and I --we planned in advance to match our haircolor and fushia tops (not really)

Anna rocking the mystery shades whilst my left arm looks huge

Sadly, I don't have oodles to show you for the last couple of months. It has been a busy/strange/emotionally difficult summer; I experienced the deaths of three people I was close to, so have been doing a lot of grieving, but am also pregnant with my first, so of course have been joyful as well.

But how about some stitchery. I do have a couple of finishes and a work in progress:

WIP: Autumn Song by Blackbird Designs

Blackbird Designs Freebie -- for my grandmother, finished as a wall hanging

LHN Travelling Stitcher -- (stitching done, just need to attach these to the cute travel cases)

Until next time ... hopefully sooner than 2 months from now!

Pomegranate Textiles

Yesterday my hubbin and I made a visit to the Philly Museum of Art. I always stop in the textiles room to see what they have on display from their huge collection. Right now, they have textiles out that include the pomegranate motif, an ancient symbol of life, fertility, and vitality. I was particularly taken with a Turkish quilt facing from between the 17th and 19th centuries. From the museum's website:

"During the Ottoman Empire, embroidered textiles were made by men in professional workshops and by women in the women's quarters of houses. A quilt facing (yorgan yüzü), part of the bedding in a well-to-do Ottoman household, would have been tacked to the top of a quilt so it could be easily removed. This example is constructed from three joined loom-widths of fabric that were embroidered before being assembled. The pattern of a pomegranate flanked by two large serrated leaves is worked in a darning stitch over three threads. The composition's central field and border typifies Ottoman embroideries from the seventeenth to eighteenth centuries."

The fibers are silk and had a lovely sheen. The intricacy of this work is amazing.

There was also some beautiful hand embroidered lace and other textiles from the 17th century.

In my own meager and humble work, I've been stitching on the larger part of LHN's "Traveling Stitcher." It's not very exciting looking yet, but will be cute when it's all done. Hope you have a lovely weekend planned!

Thank You!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your warm congratulations and sweet comments on my pregnancy announcement. I felt so loved and supported by all your sweet thoughts! This past week was eventful-- the good news: I had a lovely, restful vacation visiting friends in Ohio (eat. walk. nap. read. stitch. repeat!). The bad news: this weekend I ended up in the emergency room due to some unexpected and scary bleeding. The good news again: they did an ultrasound and all is well; the bleeding was caused by a small tear called a subchorionic hemorrhage, which is nothing too serious. It was a very anxious situation to be sure, but in the end I saw my baby's heartbeat and had a good explanation for the bleeding. Hoping that the tear will resolve itself and I will go on to have a healthy pregnancy.

Now, how about some stitching??
I finished the needlecase from LHN's "Travelling Stitcher." This was a sweet and fun stitch.

Here is "Spring Has Come" by Prairie Schooler all finished up!

And my progress to date on Beatrix. This is what I worked on most of last week. I am finally finished with the first page ... really need to step it up on this one. Loving the Victorian Motto threads on this -- they stitch so nicely!

Ta Ta For Now. Hope you all have a lovely week.

oh baby

Time to re-arrange some stitching priorities ... next January (Lord willing), we will be welcoming our first child! I am still pinching myself and getting used to the idea. So far I have not had any sort of morning sickness, so it hardly seems real.

I plan on blogging for my family over at Vox Vendsel and have a post up there about finding out, if you are interested in reading it.

I am having visions of a Beatrix Potter nursery ... I bought some of those Beatrix Potter leaflets by Green Apple about 10 years ago and have been saving them! So much to stitch, so little time. :)

Birthday Treasures

Just look at all these beauties! I was definitely spoiled this birthday. It was wonderful to be in Texas among family and friends, and to come back home to all kinds of treats awaiting me in the mail.

First of all, Carol sent me the prettiest package for the Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club. She stitched the Bianca Scissor Pocket by Cat's Whiskers Designs on 32 ct. White Belfast with Caron Waterlilies in Hyacinth and Moss. It is so delicate and delightful -- I love it! She also sent along some DMC scissors, a big piece of hand dyed lugana, a fat quarter, some pins and pretty purple ribbon, and a La-D-Da freebie. Thank you so much, Carol!

And what would birthdays be without a little stash? I took advantage of Mary Kathryn's sale before we left and ordered several items from Blackbird Designs ... it seems like they have a huge quantity of new items out now, doesn't it? I also ordered the pretty spring colors for "In the Garden with Jane Austen" by The Sampler Girl. I can't wait to start this one. Speaking of Jane Austen, some dear friends gifted me with the most extraordinary book, called "Life in the Country with Quotations by Jane Austen and sillhouettes by her nephew, James Edward Austen-Leigh." It contains beautiful reproductions of Regency era sillhouettes that Jane Austen's nephew cut free-hand from black paper, accompanied by texts from her novels. The patterns are exquisitely detailed.


Also pictured above are a wonderful stitching journal from my wishlist that my sis-in-law and brother picked out, some gorgeous beads from another friend and poetry by Robert Burns from my father-in-law, and a little bird figurine and eggs painting that I picked up at a boutique in Dallas.

An abundance of blessings! Each reminding me of those I hold dear.
More stitchery picturs to come, I promise...

Updates Coming Soon ...

Oh dear stitchy friends... I have been away far too long!

Just returned from a 12 day trip home to Texas. I have several stitchy updates for you, which will have to wait until tomorrow. For now, you can see some of my trip pictures on Facebook here and here if you like. The second album contains some great pics of a fabulous tea room that all you DFW ladies need to visit, if you haven't already. It's called The Chocolate Angel and the pic above was taken there. Those ladies are my mom (middle) and mother-in-law (right) -- aren't they lovely?

I am almost done with Spring Has Come and eager to show you that progress. I also have a gorgeous birthday package from Carol to show off, some stash and other projects in the works. Just wanted to pop in and say that I've missed you and will be back soon!

ready for Spring!

Oh, I am so ready for real Spring weather, aren't you? I thought I might try to entice the daffodils to bloom and the leaves to green by pulling out this cheerful Prairie Schooler sampler, Spring Has Come. It has the most cheerful colors...

I'm enjoying stitching on it in a cozy chair with a brand new stitching lamp which is currently changing my life! It's amazing what good light can do.

I hope your weekend is pleasant as only a stitcher's can be. ~ Rachel