Still here and still stitching

Stitching friends! Still alive over here, and still stitching, just making very small progresses lately. I have precious few finishes for 2010, and don't have pictures of everything yet. But I added a few pictures to my facebook album tonight and thought, "why not go ahead and update this blog?"

I have been collecting the LHN Christmas ornaments, and have 3 stitched so far. I have actually finished off two of them, but don't have them photographed yet. I love Christmas ornaments and have enjoyed this collection.

I also make bits of progress on Connor's Jemima Puddle Duck birth sampler. I am hoping to get this finished before his first birthday. Beatrix Potter is so nostalgic for me. I grew up loving her little books and had BP wallpaper in my nursery until I was about 8 or 9. So this is quite a delightful stitch for me. It has LOTS of colors!!

I finished another special birth sampler at the beginning of the year for a dear friend who lost her baby girl at six weeks old. She knew I had been stitching a sampler for her baby and asked if I would finish it. Everyone grieves in different ways, and for this sweet mother, physical mementos have been healing.

I also finished up the Jane Austen Christmas stocking by The Sampler Girl. I need to get this finished finished but have been afraid to trust my paltry sewing skills, so I'm thinking of having it professionally finished.

That's it for 2010 finishes that I have pictures of. I have a few more things to photograph and show plus some yummy stash I picked up this week. Maybe I'll be back again in a few days!!

And how about a pumpkin picture of my sweet Connor baby?