Home of a Needleworker

This is an SAL with my Little House Needleworks group (some of the sweetest women in the world!). I always enjoy sitching on LHN - the simplicity of design makes it such a pleasure for me.

I am helping to organize an LHN/CCN-themed mail art exchange for this group in the next few weeks. It should be an adventure!

Winter Wind

Brrrr!!! This is the perfect time to be stitching on Prairie Schooler's Winter Wind. It is very cold outside here in the northeast-- about 20 degrees F. at present, I believe-- my husband says this is "Alaska weather."

I've made a couple of adjustments--I moved the verse up on the sampler and am going to stitch the four squares below it. I also wasn't crazy about the black and white header so I created my own with a different alphabet and some freestyle snowflakes. This is on the recommended 32 ct. Lambswool with DMC threads.

I Heart Stashing

I have been in a stashing mode recently and thought I'd share a few of my acquisitions, even though my pictures are kind of crummy.
Mary Kathryn at Handcrafts online continues to provide excellent service with my auto shipments of LHN thread packs. I also couldn't resist CCN's "Winter Welcome" and "My Beloved."

A gift certificate to Stitching Bits and Bobs helped me pick up these: Bent Creek's "Wedding Row," "Happy Hearts Sampler" by Birds of a Feather which I just adore, and Brightneedle's "Let Wisdom Flower" small sampler. You can't read it here, but the verse on this last one reads, "Let Wisdom and Compassion Flower in Thee" -two virtues which are of upmost importance to me as a Christian counselor. I can't wait to stitch all of these.

Finally, my Prairie Schooler collection continues to grow, little by little. Mary Kathryn is sending me one Christmas chart each month with my thread packs, and I have managed to find a few out of print charts on eBay for reasonable prices. I especially like the sweet "Prairie Birds" on top here.

I am getting excited about Crescent Colors' newest offering which will debut at Nashville - silks! I can't wait to see those.

Tag, You're It!

I've been tagged by Mary Kathryn to share 6 Weird Things About Me.

1. Legend has it that my hometown in East Texas has more cows than people. Our county is the dairy capital of Texas and every year we celebrate the Dairy Festival complete with float rides constructed of giant paper mache cattle and a Dairy Festival pageant. I won "First Runner Up" and "Miss Congeniality" in the Dairy Festival pageant when I was 15.

2. You'd have to see it to believe it, but my toes look exactly like my mom's. It really is weird in person.
3. My brother's pet name for me is "Sissypants," which often gets shortened to simply " 'Pants."

4. I skipped the 7th grade.

5. I am missing a tooth (bottom right -- you can't see it when I smile).

6. I like popcorn so much that I will eat it the next day even when it's stale.

Ok, now I'd love to hear 6 Weird Things About Karen V, Cathy, Von, Annemarie, Anne, and Barbara. Tag, you're It!

blogging vacation ~ not quite back!

Hello Friends! I have been on vacation in Texas since December 23 and thus been on vacation from blogging .... obviously. I just realized I haven't posted here for a month - yikes! We are still visiting our families and won't be headed back to Philadelphia until January 8.

I'm currently stitching on my Autumn Leaves wip (just a few more stitches to go) and when I return home I will update other progress photos and get caught up on all your lovely blogs.

Stitchy highlights of my vacation so far include discovering a wonderful book of redwork patterns at a half-price bookstore,

learning to knit with my Grandma Bonnie (photo above),

and becoming the proud new owner of my first pair of Gingher scissors!

I hope you are all enjoying this new year ~ I know you have many needlework projects planned for 2007 and I can't wait to read about them all with you.