Tag, You're It!

I've been tagged by Mary Kathryn to share 6 Weird Things About Me.

1. Legend has it that my hometown in East Texas has more cows than people. Our county is the dairy capital of Texas and every year we celebrate the Dairy Festival complete with float rides constructed of giant paper mache cattle and a Dairy Festival pageant. I won "First Runner Up" and "Miss Congeniality" in the Dairy Festival pageant when I was 15.

2. You'd have to see it to believe it, but my toes look exactly like my mom's. It really is weird in person.
3. My brother's pet name for me is "Sissypants," which often gets shortened to simply " 'Pants."

4. I skipped the 7th grade.

5. I am missing a tooth (bottom right -- you can't see it when I smile).

6. I like popcorn so much that I will eat it the next day even when it's stale.

Ok, now I'd love to hear 6 Weird Things About Karen V, Cathy, Von, Annemarie, Anne, and Barbara. Tag, you're It!


Barbara said...

Oh boy! I have been reading these and wondering what on earth I'd write down if I were tagged ... just how weird is weird enough without kind of freaking other people out? LOL!!

Von said...

Ok - I'm not really ignoring your tag! I'm just having some trouble coming up with six weird things. I think I'm a fairly average ordinary person. Hey, maybe that's weird!! :D