A is for ... Autumn, Austen, Apples

22 weeks today

October is coming! I've been stitching on this little fall design from The Sampler girl and it makes me want to bake apple pies. I also ordered some of Tanya's new designs to add to my Jane Austen collection ... and looking at the patterns is almost as fun as stitching them. :) More stitchy stash in the mail this morning includes these adorable accessories from The Gift of Stitching. I think this is my first needleminder!

Last night we visited the Celtic Classic which is a huge Celtic music festival in Bethelehem, PA. We went last year and have been looking forward to returning this year. I could not resist picking up these cute little t-shirts for the baby. They are so small ~ I put my hand in the photo to show how cute and tiny they are. My husband really liked the "wee little troublemaker" one. :) We also purchased this yummy bread -- who can pass up "Autumn Bread"? I toasted it with butter, cinnamon, and sugar this morning -- delish. So - I am starting to look really preggers, yeah?

Laundry is calling, so bye for now!
Hello Stitching World ~ Long Time No See!

I've been quite the delinquent blogger of late. Last evening, I went out for a fun night of "Stitching at the Ford" sponsored by The Strawberry Sampler, and had fun meeting up with Anna VS and Dianne along with a bunch of other local stitchers. It inspired me to update my blog!
Dianne and I --we planned in advance to match our haircolor and fushia tops (not really)

Anna rocking the mystery shades whilst my left arm looks huge

Sadly, I don't have oodles to show you for the last couple of months. It has been a busy/strange/emotionally difficult summer; I experienced the deaths of three people I was close to, so have been doing a lot of grieving, but am also pregnant with my first, so of course have been joyful as well.

But how about some stitchery. I do have a couple of finishes and a work in progress:

WIP: Autumn Song by Blackbird Designs

Blackbird Designs Freebie -- for my grandmother, finished as a wall hanging

LHN Travelling Stitcher -- (stitching done, just need to attach these to the cute travel cases)

Until next time ... hopefully sooner than 2 months from now!