Ukranian/Byzantine Wedding "Rug"

Hello Stitching Friends! I am back from vacation and taking a few moments this afternoon to post some pictures of the wedding gift I told you about in my last post. You can view an entire album of related pictures by clicking here, which will take you to my facebook page.

The wedding itself was beautiful - a long, elaborate service with an Eastern-rite, Byzantine style Eucharist (a.k.a., not Roman Catholic) and many interesting traditions. One tradition is for the priest to tie the bride and groom's hands together in an embroidered scarf, a symbol of their union. It was a joy to make this heirloom for my friend. I used her wedding colors and trimmed and backed the linen with a gorgeous black linen embroidered with a gold floral motif that I found at a specialty fabric store. The monograms stand for their names, and the verse is from the Song of Solomon; "Thurow" is the couple's last name. I am very pleased with the finished product!

I had a lovely time with my parents and got in some good visiting with my grandmother, who is now in an assisted living home. It was nice to be away from normal routines, but I am happy to be back home and very much anticipating the cooler weather and the advent of my favorite season of the year!

Edited to add: some of you have asked about the design: I did chart it out myself, using the alphabet and motifs from this book.

On Vacation!

Hello world ~ yes, I am still alive! I am in Texas right now hanging out with my parents for a much needed visit with them. I also have a wedding to attend/participate in this weekend. One of my best friends, the woman I lived with for three years before I married is at last getting married at the age of 38 and it is going to be such a joy ... it will be a big Catholic wedding with about 4 days of activities! The entire service is a sung liturgy and I am really looking forward to it.

I have been working all month long on an embroidered scarf that the bride and groom are wrapping around their hands during the wedding vows. It is in the final stages of finishing and as soon as I get back home I will of course post some pictures! I did not bring my computer so I will do lots of catch up blogging when I return next week.

My parents live in a small East Texas town. They have a pretty pond in the back yard and two new domesticated ducks that live here - a big white Jemima Puddle duck and a sweet, small brown duck. I am sitting by the window now drinking coffee and watching the ducks and the birds - what a peaceful, pleasant activity. I hope you can all find a moment or two of quiet in your day today.

Thank you for all the kind comments and visits I have received here lately - your friendship is sweet to me!