a Jane stitch for all seasons

Finishes! I did finish "In the Kitchen with Jane Austen" -- such a happy little stitch! Next up I have Jane Austen Sampler Stocking for Christmas (both from TSG). I have had this in my stash for 3 seasons; so happy to finally be getting it started. Last year I purchased a nice cut of white evenweave for this project, but I wanted it to age it a little, so I tried my hand at Vonna's bake and baste method. It turned out beautifully! I need to sub a few of the fiber colors which are too close to the fabric color, but so far that's been easy and I am loving the way it's looking. Here's hoping I can complete this by Christmastime!

Other than a bad cold (bleh) I have been feeling well pregnancy-wise. Thanks for all your sweet comments!