Quilting, Amy Butler & yummy fabrics

After exercising tonight, I didn't feel like going straight home (Hubbie teaches until late on Monday nights and it gets a little lonely sometimes) so I stopped by Barnes and Noble for a cup of holiday tea and browsed in the crafty section. I found a really neat book of simple sewing projects called Amy Butler's In Stitches which had to go straight on my wish list. She has patterns and projects for feminine but modern handcrafts such as an apron, quilted throw, and a fringed belt/scarf. If you are an experienced seamstress these will not be very exciting to you. But if you are new to sewing and are looking for some fresh, hip projects that don't look like they came from circa 1985, check this one out.

After googling the author's name, I discovered that Amy Butler makes way cool fabric. This led me to an online fabric shop called The Fat Quarter Shop. Which really made me want to become a quilter! All the fabrics are delicious. This is a wonderful online shop, if you've never visited. I don't know if my life can handle another hobby which is likely as addictive and expensive as cross stitch. (Did I mention that I'd love to learn to knit, too?)

Pay It Forward Update:
I've had two lovely ladies sign up for my pay it forward ~ thank you, Vonna and Wendy! I'd love to have three more special friends to send gifts to. Please see post below! I should mention that I would be happy to mail overseas.


Barbara said...

I'd also love to become a quilter and knitter. My husband tries to restain himself from commenting ... LOL!

Renée said...

A quick hello from France, and merry wishes for a happy Thanksgiving. I don't dare to enrol for the gifts to send forward, because I'm new on the web and I'm not sure that I will find 5 visitors who are ready to go on. I'll come back soon.

Mary Kathryn said...

Hi Rachel, I like these 2 sources for fabric on-line too:



(I haven't shopped here, but love to browse their fabrics)

Wendy said...

Rachel, a big warning, stay away from those on-line fabric shops unless you feel the urge to sign on to another very addictive hobby!

Take it from a cross stitcher/quilter/scrapbooker/knitter. I really think I just work to support my habit(s)!

Stitch or no stitch said...

I'm sure you'll love your new hobby Rachel.
Don't you think it's time they made the days a little longer so that we have time for all of our hobbies.
Wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Renee said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I explained its meaning and history on my wegsite for French people who don't know that festival.

quiltorstitch said...

Oh my dear... why did you show me that site!? :D :D :D
Gorgeous fabrics... I have bookmarked this for further stash enhancement ^_^ Quilting is just as addicting as cross stitch, you have to have more "stuff" for it though, so you will need an extra room in your home for it. My kitchen table is taken over a few times a week ;)

Ali said...

Hello! I'm new to blogging and went in search of other Amy Butler fans. I just received her In Stitches for Christmas, and have been collecting her fabric for a while. So far the book is great! I'm working on two projects out of it already. Another really cool fabric store I found is: http://www.purlsoho.com/purl/products/fabriclist/designer,34
Never enough time or money for all these projects, I know!