I want to give you a giftie!

Well, in the true spirit of holiday giving, a niftie idea is making its way around the stitching blogs. (Does anyone know who originated it?) I have signed up to receive a handcrafted item from my friend, Mary Kathryn. Now I'm going to "pay it forward" to the first five folks who comment here and tell me that they would like to receive something from me. I will send you some form of needlework, and in return, you will add this same offer to your blog. Most folks are giving themselves a 365 day deadline to complete all five gifts, which sounds reasonable (though hopefully we won't need the whole year!).

Please comment, then email me (rachelvendsel @ yahoo dot com) with your snail mail address so I will know where to send your gift, then quick like a bunny go post your own pay it forward offer! This will be a fun exercise in stitching and giving.


Cathy said...

Good luck Rachel! I've already signed up for one of these - it is a cool idea!

Anonymous said...
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Vonna said...

Ok, Rachel...I've been attempting to NOT do this, but....in count me in...I'll e-mail you right now with my information.

Wendy said...

Count me in too, Rachel! Like Vonna, I've been trying to avoid this too but it sounds like too much fun.

I'll email you my info.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, If you have room I would love to join your pay it forward also. It sounds like such fun. I will email you also.