A red door, new silks, and spring stash

Hello friends! Just thought I'd share a few things from my stitching world with you today.

I am so excited that I finished the stitches in the house part of my Home of a Needleworker. I decided to "paint" my door red for a little punch and I really love it.

I am also really quite happy about my decision to start collecting the Belle Soie silks. They are so soft and beautiful... I received the first three this month from eHandcrafts. If you've been considering these, go for it!

Vonna inspired me to pick up this cutie, although I probably won't stitch it until next Easter:
And I also fell for the new Ericha Michaels "Random Thoughts of Spring." It is pictured next to the prettiest silkweaver fabric, a gorgeous combination of turquoise and green with a bit of blue. I have not been super-thrilled with my silkweaver fabric of the month, but this one really knocked my socks off. Trouble is, I have no idea what to do with it! Size is 18 x18 and it is a 32 ct. Jobelan. Any ideas for what I could stitch on it?


Vonna said...

Glad I could help you out with a little retail therapy :) LOL!
I'm not even going to get mine done for this Easter...but it will be all finished for next Easter :)
Those silks keep calling my name too....and Mary Kathryn delivers excellent service...I want to buy the new Kelmscott needle minder Nita's Peacock..have you seen it?!

Barbara said...

Gosh, what couldn't you stitch on that gorgeous fabric???

Your red door is 'kickin' as the kids say. ;)

Tanya said...

You will LOVE those silks!!! They are wonderful - the colors you have already are lovely. Enjoy!

Isabelle said...

Congrats on completing the house! I love its red door. Great choice.
Those silks seem luscious and the fabric, wow! Amazing!
Random Thoughts of Spring is a lovely design.

Have a great weekend, Rachel!

Sharon said...

Love the red door-very nice progress! Nice stash too-that fabric is gorgeous-I hope you find something to stitch on it.

S said...

Love the red door on your house!!!
Those silks are beautiful, I only have one but I NEED more, lol.
That fabric is beautiful, cant wait to see what you decide to stitch on it.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Vonna, I have seen that peacock winder; it's beautiful.

Barbara, you are right! I guess I just want to find the perfect thing.

Thanks everyone for you nice comments and stopping by. :)

Sally said...

Wow I love the red door Rachel. That's the kind I'd love on my house :)

Those silks look beautiful.

vee said...

You have done so many beautiful pieces! Thanks for sharing your work.

Red said...

LOVE the Red Door. I have the same pattern and will most likely follow suit and have a red door as well...imitation is the sincerest form of flalttery!

Lizzy said...

Home of a Needleworker is coming along beautifully, Rachel and I love your red door! :-)

I ordered the Belle Soie silks to stitch Tanya's Irish coffee freebie... can't wait for them to arrive...

Isn't Easter Parade just the most gorgeous thing! I can't wait to start on mine... :-)

Margaret said...

Love the red door on your house!!

Another 'Easter Parade' fan!!! If you start today you can have it finished by Easter.(lol) It is so addictive. I hope to show mine later this week.

Have a good week.

Margaret said...

Rachel, I just went to the Daisystitches site and the freebie pattern is no longer there. If you would like to have it I can send it as an attachment to an email. If that doesn't show properly I can send you a copy by regular mail.
Just let me know at megratdataviadotcom

Vonna said...

Hey...I can't find the comments button for your pinkeep post...but let me say...they are SPECTACULAR! Were they hard? I've yet to make one and I'm a little nervous because I have to make one by May 5. YIKES!