Mail Art Exchange

Hello friends, I have missed you! Some disappointing news we received about my husband's application to grad school has kept me away from blogging & emailing of late. He was not accepted at any of the four institutions to which he applied. So we have been "re-grouping" and planning for the next year. He is going to re-apply into some different programs and I will continue moving forward with the licensure process to become a professional counselor. In times like these we always fall back on our faith in a God who loves us and directs our lives for good, even when our plans and desires appear to be frustrated. So we are trusting God and moving on!

In stitching news, I am participating in a mail art exchange with my Little House Needleworks Yahoo group, and received my partner Zalita's envelope this week. She stitched the LHN freebie Star Light, Star Bright and included some post cards from Malaysia, a couple skeins of hand-dyed floss, buttons, and some traditional Malaysian fabric. Thank you, Zalita, I loved receiving this, my first mail art! Zalita blogged about her gift to me here. When she has received my envelope, I will share pictures as well.

One last little finish is another Bless the Baby pillow for some dear friends who just had a baby girl. I enjoyed stitching this with Crescent Colors "Baby Blanket" and finishing it with some soft pink fleece on the back. Until next time, many happy stitches to you all.


Sharon said...

Lovely mailart! I adore the baby's pillow-very pretty!

Anne S said...

Awesome mail art - can't wait to see the next one as well :D And the baby pillow is just gorgeous - very sweet :D Sorry to hear the news about DH ... as you say, you just have to readjust your plans and move onto the next phase ... easier said than done sometimes though {{hugs}}.

Barbara said...

That is a beautiful MA - I'd be skipping around the house for sure! Can't wait to see what you stitched.

Sorry to hear that your DH didn't get into grad school this year. I think experiences like this test just how badly we want something, and we appreciate & enjoy it so much more in the end. Good luck to you with your counseling plans, too!!

Annemarie said...

That is one lovely envelope, Rachel!
Sorry to hear things aren't going to plan.

Carol said...

What lovely mail art! I also just love all of those stamps!

Margaret said...

What a disappointment for you and DH. In the end the new direction will probably work out even better for you both. Good luck with your counseling plans.
What a lovely MA - house patterns are always among my favorites.
Your baby pillow is adorable.Your friends will be so pleased.
Take care.

Vonna said...

What a lovely mailart! You know...I have about every LHN design Diane Williams ever put out and I don't have a SINGLE freebie design :(
And the baby beautiful :)
Sorry to hear your husband's disappointment....but you are right..God has the plan, we just have to accept his detour :)
Hugs dear friend :)

elenamac said...

wow it's wonderful mail art!!!!!
I'll hop eto received mine soon!


Katrina said...

Everything is very pretty. Love your mail art. Sorry you didn't get the news you wanted for your DH.

Hazel said...

The envelope and baby's pillow are both lovely. Ephesians 1:11 should encourage you both. xx

Renee said...

I share your disappointment really. Even when we know that God is leading us on the path, sometimes it's difficult to find the way. So I pray for you and your husband. it's nice that you received a little gift just during that time of test. Zalitha was an encouragement even without knowing your trouble. I do hope that we'll soon get better news from you.

Cathy said...

I'm sorry things didn't work out for your husband this time - when the time is right it will work out!

Very nice mail art and baby pillow!

Sandy said...

Love the mailart and the baby pillow. Hope a new window will be opened for your DH soon. TFS

Carol R said...

Gorgeous mailart.

Sorry your husband didn't get the news he wanted - hopefully something better will turn up shortly. Best of luck to you with your own plans