More birthday love and Malaysian Mail Art

Subtitled: Summer House - Two Ways!

Yesterday my hubbie brought me a fat letter from the post which contained a birthday card and wee present from the ever-talented, thoughtful, generous, creative and kind Super-Star Vonna! She stitched me the most darling over-one version of LHN's "Summer House." As I opened the envelope, I exclaimed, "Oh, it's a fob!" and my husband said, "A bob?" And I said, "No, a fob, a scissor fob," and he said, "Oh, I thought it was a pillow for a mouse." At which point I was laughing out loud. You see, ladies, I have never owned a fob before . Now I know that will come as a shock to those of you have dozens of them, but I am still relatively new to the wonderful world of alternative finishes. :) Hence, the reason my hubbie thought it was a mouse pillow. Vonna, you know I love this beauty as I have already gushed via email, but thank you again, my friend!

Disclaimer: my camera is really awful with details, so I made a rather terrible scan to try to capture the details of this gorgeous stitching. Wish I could show it off better.

In other news, my mail art partner, Zalita, let me know that the mail art I sent her arrived safely to the other side of the world. Vonna doesn't know this, but I had selected summer house for this project along with some other Little House Needleworks motifs. This was also my first mail art exchange and I am pleased that everything arrived safely and really enjoyed meeting a new international friend.


Vonna said...

Love your mail art!!! It turned out really super nice! I'm sure Zalita, loved it!
I stole your pictures :) and I am ever so glad that you liked your fob :)

Annemarie said...

Oh, you mean that picture wasn't on purpose? I thought it looks quite arty. What a lovely present from Vonna. Isn't she a marvel at over-one stitching?
Your MA is exquisite!
And do join Fair and Square! We would love to have you on board!

Barbara said...

I agree with Annemarie - I thought that your scan was actually a very artistic photo. I was wondering how you achieved that effect. LOL!

Your MA and Vonna's mouse pillow are wonderful - and how funny they were the same design!!

Nancy said...

Hello Rachel,

What a lovely scissor fob!

Your mail art is so pretty! The border you stitched on the envelope is such a nice detail. You did a beautiful job. I'll be making my first one soon so cross your fingers for me.

Enjoy your weekend,

Tanya said...

Hi Rachel,
That is so funny about what your DH said about the fob! It is beautiful ~ I thought it was artsy lighting as well. Ha!

Sharon said...

Rachel, what a beautiful fob you have and I love the picture. Now that you have your first fob, I see many more in your future.
What a beautiful mailart you made. Came out so lovely, I enjoy your blog so much.

Isabelle said...

How funny that you and Vonna chose the same design!
Vonna's fob is lovely. A mouse pillow - I like that! :)

Anonymous said...

What a funny coincidence... Both Summer Houses look gorgeous!! That envelop is pretty amazing, so much detail!!

Anita said...

Happy belated birthday. You had
such a great birthday with friends and family. I love the LHN fob that Vonna made for you and your
mail art is so pretty. I have done a lot of scissor fob but I have not tried a mail art yet. Enjoy all your wonderful gifts.

Carol said...

Happy Belated Birthday! What a sweet fob from Vonna - and super sweet mail art too!

Marie-P said...

I have never done Mail Art ~ Yours is beautiful!!!
I think I will go stitch one of those "Mouse Pillows" :D

Marie-P said...

Oh, I meant to ask: Are there patterns to stitch the envelope? They are so clever.

lena-lou said...

Great coincidence! Love the fob Vonna did you and your picture is lovely. As for your MA is marvelous, you did a perfect job :_

have a fab week

Anonymous said...

That mail art looks great! Very nice! Vonna did a fantastic job on the fob!

Marie-P said...

Hi Rachel...You mentioned that you got the MAIL ART instuctions from the magazine, do you like that magazine? It is online right? I saw an ad for it but was not too sure if I should subscribe. Have you been pleased?
Love your blog
(couldn't find your email so posted here)

Cathy said...

The fob from Vonna is really cute. I love your mailart design - very creative!

Adam Taussik said...

Hi, I am trying to find someone who will make some Jane Austen
era style samplers for me, personalised as a gift. Do you know of anyone who would be willing, (pref UK, but US ok if postage not too great)? Thanks Adam

Adam Taussik said...

My email is

tkdchick said...

Oooh you're lucky to receive some of Vonna's fabulous work!

What a beautiful piece of mail art!

Solstitches said...

The little fob Vonna stitched is adorable and I had to smile at your DH's description of it. LOL, I'll always think of mouse pillows when I see a fob from now on :)
Your mailart is beautiful too.

Hazel said...

Wow some great stitching there. xx