Stitching with Jane Austen

Tomorrow, Mike's sister, Karen, and husband, Dave, are flying in to spend the rest of the week with us and celebrate America's birthday in the city where it all began. We are planning on spoiling them all week with fun and relaxing activities. I'm so happy to have a break from work to look forward to, also!

Speaking of a break from work, I took the day off today partly due to car trouble (the brakes on our Jeep started making a horrible grinding noise this weekend and I wanted to get that fixed right away) and partly because I wanted to spend the day cleaning. Well, what do you think I found myself doing instead of cleaning? (What would any true needleworker do with a day off? Clean ... or Stitch??) I happened to have the 2007 Northanger Abbey at home on Netflix, so I watched that this morning and worked on Blackbird Design's "Where my Heart Blooms." I read NA a few months ago and it quickly became one of my favorites. I really enjoyed this adaptation, especially the gorgeous costumes and the handsome Mr. Tilney.

I had a slow start with the BBD project: owing to a small error, I ended up stitching most of the border and then having to frog and re-do it. I made yet another error the second time, but left it in as I don't think it makes a huge difference.

This weekend we also did some housesitting and pet-care for some good friends and I watched Pride and Prejudice whilst working on the same project. So it truly has been a weekend to stitch with Jane. I ordered Monique's lovely little threadkeeper with the same theme, and she was kind enough to include some pretty red silk with the order. Thanks, Monique! I was happy that these purchases were able to go to such a good cause.

Also pictured are some recent stash acquisitions, including the fabric and fibers for Rites of Spring and a few Belle Soie to add to my small collection. Also I just fell in love with "A Child's Prayer" by With My Needle, a new favorite.

Next time I return I'll share some photos of our vacation week. For those Americans who are celebrating, I hope you all have something special planned for your Fourth of July!


Concetta said...

Your stitching is just beautiful. I really liked that version of Northanger Abbey too and I absolutely love your threadkeeper. :)

Have a fun trip!

Tanya said...

Have a great 4th! Sounds like you will with that adventure ahead of you :o) Lovely stitching - makes me want to pick up my WHERE MY HEART BLOOMS wip again! I love that design.

Nice thread holder - imagine that! LOL


Annemarie said...

What a lovely post, Rachel, I hardly know where to start with my comment!
First of all, I love this Loose Feathers design, but everybody seems to be running into the same kinds of trouble with it. Your stitching and unstitching of the border sounds very familiar to me :o)
Gorgeous thread keeper from Monique.
Have a fun week!

Anonymous said...

WMHB is looking wonderful so far Rachel :)

I ordered one of Monique's thread keepers too, can't wait to get it!

Vonna said...

Oh, your stitching is looking so good ;) I'm on auto for the BBD LF, but I've not stitched a one of them yet....soon hopefully ;)
I loved reading this chatty and happy! Have a great 4th! I'm looking forward to ours!

Nancy said...

I also love to stitch with Jane Austen! The movies and stitching just go together so well. Your sampler is looking gorgeous Rachel.

Enjoy your new stash, and enjoy your very exciting and fun week! Happy 4th of July!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Your Heart Blooms looks great. I just love these LF designs this year and the new #31 has finally given us a peek at the Bonus design. Happy Stitching, CJ

Marie-P said...

Nice progress on BBD ~ this is such a nice design.

With My Needle is a favorite of mine as well. I may need to add A Child's Prayer to my "must have" list!

Happy 4th to you!

Mary Kathryn said...

We do think alike! Love the new look here.


Barbara said...

Your projects, both ongoing and upcoming, are gorgeous! Happy 4th!

Hazel said...

Great stitching and love your new stash. xx

Itching To Stitch said...

The BBD looks great. You're brave to do the entire border first, I know I would make a major mistake counting if I did that ;)

Wendy said...

Wonderful start on the BBD! I don't know how those ladies keep coming out with such gorgeous designs. And nice new stash too, I LOVE the Belle Soie silks!

Stitcher S said...

I love that pattern! It's been a pleasure reading your blog.