Fair Square Round #9 & RAK for Vonna

I had a great Fair Square partner in Joan. She stitched part of Strawberry House by LHN and did a beautiful job. I love it, thanks again, Joan!

I stitched Tanya's adorable Pumpkin House freebie for Joan on 32 ct. Lambswool. I changed the roof to a bright blue since Joan loves blue, and used Crescent Colors' Fallen Leaves for the house color.

Also, I had fun with a little RAK for Dame Vonna of the Generous Heart. I made a Floss Tag/Needle Rest for her from Blackbird Designs, changing up the colors a bit to make them more autumnal. There are a few pins in this and I used my favorite technique of painting the pins with nail polish to match. It works like a charm. Vonna does so much for everyone (organizing the Fair Squares site for one, hello!) that she deserves a little kindness every now and then.

Bluebird's Needles and Pins by Blackbird Designs
28 ct. Pearl Linen Natural Light
DMC and CC Fallen Leaves
Finished as a Floss Tag


Anonymous said...

Both sets of squares are wonderful! :) And I love your floss tag/needleminder for Vonna - it's just gorgeous!

Irene said...

The squares are great and I love the floss tag !

Annemarie said...

Sweet squares, sweet tag. Great work, Rachel!

Vonna said...

I absolutely LOVE the squares both you and Joan did awesome, gorgeous work! And I am stitching with your floss tag presently...it sits prettily on my chair arm :)
THANK YOU Rachel - you are the dame with a generous heart :)

Jennifer said...

I love, love, love that floss tag finish!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What gorgeous pieces you've stitched up! I also like how you did the floss tag.