January is here

Prairie Schooler "Winter Wind" Bk. 133
32 ct. Lambswool, DMC floss
Finished as a flatfold

A Rose is a Rose by La D Da
Finished as a Matress Pinkeep
32 count lavender mist belfast linen
Sampler threads and weeks dye works
A Sweet Gift from the Lovely Hazel

As I type, the verse on this Winter flatfold could not be more true... January has brought us such a lovely dusting of Winter snow outside, and oh how I love the beauty and stillness of an early morning snowfall. I finally finished this design which I stitched in 2007 into a flatfold to display on my hutch for Christmas and beyond.

I should say ... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! December and the first part of January has been filled to the brim for me: I left my job at the foster care agency, and began a new job as an outpatient therapist; my sister-in-law came to visit for 10 days at Christmas, and the next day we left for Chicago to spend a week with my family; oh, AND, in what became a crazy 2 week project, I re-arranged all our furniture, which entailed selling/freecycling 7 pieces, making a big trip to Ikea with the requisite assembly required, making 4 new curtains and 5 new pillows, and purchasing a beautiful new iMac computer for our Christmas gift --our old computer was on its very last leg. When I type all that I start to feel exhausted! But that is why I have taken a break from blogging for a few weeks.

Somewhere in there I received this beauty of a pinkeep from sweet Hazel, and I have been admiring it ever since. Thank you, dear Hazel! Speaking of Hazel, I hope to start my Beatrix Potter SAL today ~ can't wait to dive into this fun project.

I have tons of stitching to show you --will try to get it posted incrementally over the next few days... in the meantime, Happy Stitching!


Yuko said...

Oh my gosh, the flat fold that you made with PS design is absolutely gorgeous!!!
I never thought that this design is such a lovely and beautiful design until I saw yours!!!
Wow I should go online store and get one, LOL!

The mattress pincushion is also so beautiful and lovely!!
I love how she finished at the back with three tiny buttons, very lovely!!

Dolci Fusa said...

Great finishes! I love the especially the Prairie Schooler's one.

Dolci Fusa said...

Hello Ruth,
I wish invite you to the new Fallen in love with LHN and CCN patterns blog.
Here's the link: http://lhnandccn.blogspot.com/.
Feel free to join us emailng me to the address reported on the right column.

Lee said...

Two beautiful finishes! I was glad to see you writing here again.

Cathy B said...

Happy New Year Rachel! Your flat fold finish is really beautiful! Nice job!

What a sweet mattress pincushion from Hazel too!

Hope you find some time for relaxing and stitching in January now that your other projects are done!

Laura said...

What a beautiful Winter flatfold! I just love it!

Rima said...

Beautifully stitched, beautifully finished! I've fallen in love with your 'Winter wind'!!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see a post from you Rachel :)

Winter Wind is gorgeous, what a beautiful finish!

Hazel's pinkeep is lovely too, a very sweet gift. Happy New Year to you!

Lucy said...

I love flatfolds...that is beautiful!

Teri said...

The PS flat fold finish looks great! Happy New Year and happy stitching!

Hazel said...

What a cool flatfold! Still trying to get the courage to make one! xx

Wendy said...

Great flatfold! I stitched a similar one and finished it in the same style. I think I forgot to take pictures though! Looking forwards to seeing more stitchy pics :-D

Cindy F. said...

You did a beautiful finishing job on your flat fold!! It's gorgeous!

And what a beautiful pinkeep from Hazel!! How sweet:)

Susan said...

Your flatfold finish is beautiful, Rachel, and the pinkeep from Hazel is lovely.

I hope you had an enjoyable visit to Chicago!

Sharon said...

Beautiful finish. Sounds like you had lovely and productive time off.

Sonda in OR said...

WOW! Your willing hands have been busy hands. Your flatfold is wonderful and that pinkeep that Hazel made is as well.

Andrea said...

Great finishes. I love the flat-fold.

Nancy said...

It's so good to see you back Rachel! It sounds like you have been very busy but having lots of fun too!

I love your Prairie Schooler piece. Your stitching and finishing is amazing, and it looks beautiful with your red berries and blue and white plates. Congratulations on the finish.

The pinkeep from Hazel is gorgeous. How thoughtful, and I love her button detail on the back.

I will look forward to your stitching photos. I can't wait to see what you have been up to!

Redwitch said...

My you certainly have been busy!

Your PS flatfold is perfect and the little mattress from Hazel is very pretty :)

Vonna said...

What a very pretty flatfold and a gorgeous pinkeep from Hazel :)
I bet your newly arranged and decorated home is just gorgeous as I love every glimpse I can see in the pictures! Happy New Year Sweet Rachel :) Good Luck on your new endeavors with your new job!

Denise said...

How beautiful! These blogs inspire me so much that I'm helping the economy by increasing my needlwork spending...thanks, Ruth...Email me...I've been doing outpatient therapy and am moving on to a new job (see blog)

Denise (ohiodarlin@sbcglobal.net)

Meire Aparecida Rubio de Amorim said...

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