birds and words #5

'Tis been too long since I've done a Loose Feather's Poetry Corner for you.
As you can see, the house is finished, hooray! I have almost decided to finish this for my mother for Christmas. I think she will love it.

my progress on Awake the Dawning Day by Blackbird Designs

And now for a selection from On Wings of Song.

"Jenny Wren" by Walter de la Mare

Of all the birds that rove and sing,
Near dwellings made for men,
None is so nimble, feat, and trim,
As Jenny Wren.

With pin-point bill, and tail a-cock,
So wildly shrill she cries,
The echoes on his roof-tree knock
And fill the skies.

Never was sweeter seraph hid
Within so small a house--
A tiny, inch-long, eager, ardent,
Feathered mouse.


Isabelle said...

Wow! Rachel, it is beautiful!!

Barbara said...

BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful gift this will be for your mom (if you decide to do that). And this is one of the first poems I've recognized right away. ;)

Vonna said...

It looks really super Rachel! I'm sure your Mom will love it!!

Lelia said...

charming BB : ) Would be a wonderful holiday gift - IMO

Nancy said...

Hi Rachel,

Your sampler is gorgeous, and you were right. Seeing yours does give me inspiration! I think I will pull this out again some evening this week and start stitching on it again.


Sally said...

That is gorgeous Rachel:)

Annemarie said...

I'm sure your mother will love it, it's beautiful! Glad to see you back and posting about all of your stitching. The squares you and Michele exchanged are all lovely, and so are the PS Santas!

Jen said...

Looks great. I want to start on this one soon.

Susimac said...

Its really lovely.

Cheryl said...

This piece is so pretty! It'll make a lovely gift for your mum

Margaret said...

You have been stitching so many wonderful things Rachel but this one beats them all - love it!! Your mother is going to love it too.

Junie Moon said...

What a lovely gift for your mother; it is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your work as well as the dear little poem.

Munners said...

Love your progress on ADD - you are keeping me going on it!

Tanya said...

Hi Rachel,
That piece is beautiful and what a lovely present it will be for her!


Michelle said...

You are making beautiful progress on this piece. I had missed the bird poems too, so thanks for posting a new one!

jane said...

That is such a pretty piece, love the color. I think it would make a wonderful gift for your mom.

quiltorstitch said...

Your WIP looks great, you are moving right along with it :) Cute poem!

Yuko said...

What a beautiful work! Congratulations!
And I love to see your lots of photos of your works!
I won't be able to resit to get CHS quaker house samplers either!
It's beautiful isn't it?!
I love your blog!

Cathy said...

You are almost finished and it looks fabulous!

Hazel said...

It is just beautiful and you always find the right poem lol. Really nice to see your finished pieces. xx

Sonnja said...

What a lovely gift for your mother, it is beautiful.

Kind regards,


Sharon said...

Lovely progress!

Solstitches said...

This is just beautiful Rachel!
It looks as though you are nearing the finish line.
I have enjoyed all of your bird verses.

Wawanna said...

Oh how very sweet. This is a marvelous design and you have stitched it marvelously! The color of your fabric is perfect for it, great choice.