Cheer and Kindness

Our weather has been rainy and cold. Here is a picture I snapped last Friday of the dreary world outside my window (but we stitchers don't mind rainy weather do we? Good excuse to do you-know-what.) It seems February is a month for bad weather in this region. Last year on Valentine's Day we had a big snow storm! Yesterday we had freezing rain and I had to work late into the evening, so I found myself making the commute from inner-city southwest philadelphia to our home in the suburbs at a cautious 20 miles per hour! When I got home, I just wanted to curl up under the electric blanket and stitch. I've made a little bit of progress on "Schoolgirl Lessons," which has been fun to stitch so far. I'm working on 32 ct. Belfast "Pink Whisper" with the recommended Belle Soie Rose of Sharon.

This weekend I enjoyed picking out colors for and stitching up Tanya's "Cup of Cheer." Since this was my own little girl to color, I gave her Anne of Green Gables Red Hair, pink shoes, and a copper tea set. She makes me happy! Speaking of Tanya and happy, that sweet lady sent me a very unexpected V-day gift in the mail- thank you again, my dear! We are having fun loving all things Jane Austen on a yahoo group that she started and I'm looking forward to stitching up her adorable Jane Austen book bag.

Also pictured are some cuts great pink linens that I scored on ebay for about $6 each. Left to right they are Antique Pink, Baby Pink, Carnation Pink, and Cherub Pink. I guess Valentines put me in the mood for pink, but I've also had a mind to make up those cute pink pinkeeps from The Gift of Stitching Mag featured last summer.

I was humbled and honored to receive the "you make my day" award from both Mary Kathryn and Su, two stitchers that I admire tremendously. Thank you so much, ladies, you made my day! I'd like to dedicate this back to all of you great friends who have been stopping by to leave comments lately. They always encourage me, so thank you!

I leave you with a photo of my kitty cat, Philo, being bad. He's up on the kitchen counter which he knows he's not supposed to be! But I fancy that he has perched there to say to all my readers, "Have a Happy Valentine's Day!"


Nancy said...

Happy Valentine's Day Rachel!

I love your Cup of Cheer lady. She has beautiful red hair, and her copper tea set is lovely!

Philo is just so sweet! It would feel right at home here with all our kitties.

Enjoy your day,
Nancy <3

Vonna said...

What a lovely cheerful post...your SGL is looking gorgeous, CoC is cute as can be....sounds as if you have been busy and stitching like crazy....I've been busy, just not stitching as much as I want too!
Take Care in that winter weather!

And I see you've changed you blog all looks very nice!

Sally said...

I love your start on Schoolgirl Lessons and Cup of Cheer looks fantastic:)

Lee said...

I love the way the colors are playing out on your SGL. Very nice!

mzplcdokie said...

I love your "Cup of Cheer" the colors are great. I also enjoyed reading your thoughts.


Novice Stitcher said...

Cup of Cheer cheered me right up. Schoolgirl lessons looks like such fun to stitch; that's definitely on my want list. I think the pink fabric is perfect. You definitely make my day too!

Annemarie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Rachel!
That picture you took from your window is positively Wuthering Heightsian. Gorgeous weather (if you're inside curled up with some stitching, that is).
Love your Tea Lady and the new LHN redwork.

Barbara said...

Those pinks are lovely! And I really like your current project. :D

Wendy said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Schoolgirl Lessons is a great piece to be working on. I bet you are loving the delicious red silk floss.

Nicole said...

Great start Rachel! I love it! :)

Michelle said...

I love the thread you're using for Schoolgirl Lessons! Great pink fabric too!