Nashville Spotting

Have you started searching for all the delicious new goodies yet? I wish I had unlimited funds to stash, alas, I do not, but it is fun to make a wish list!


Barbara said...

There really were some lovelies, weren't there? I splurged on Shores, as Kathy really is a fabulous designer, and now I'll have to content myself with drooling all over everyone else's goodies. ;)

Nivaira said...

Really, all the news from Nashville's Market are gorgeus !!!.
Congratulations for your blog. I love him !!!



Sally said...

There are some gorgeous new things from Nashville this time. I must admit I would love the new Blackbird Designs book and the new Just Nan biscornu is a must have!

Annemarie said...

Oh, thank you for posting these! I spend my free computer time reading blogs, but I don't have time to follow Nashville as well, so, thanks again!

elfeyp said...

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