birds and words #3

Many, many thanks for everyone who voted on their favorite option in my last post. Purple Martins (#1) won the popular vote, but after reading your comments, I'm leaning towards #3 or #4 as something my parnter might like best. I'd like to stitch Purple Martins for one of you and do a little name drawing to determine the recipient. I'll let you know when I can get to that!

Loose Feathers Poetry Corner

The house part of Awake the Dawning Day is now under construction. I managed to put in the door and windows and part of the birds at the bottom.

(If you're just now tuning in to birds and words, I am stitching this Blackbird Designs' chart using the recommended Weeks fibers and R&R linen.)

Hope you'll also enjoy this little poem by Daniel Hall.

"Short Circuit"

For no reason,
all at once,

a dove and a jay
swerve and land

at opposite ends
of the clothesline,

and the clothes--mine,
all mine!--commence

to dance with reckless
love and joy.


Anonymous said...

What a great poem! You're making lovely progress on the LF design :)

VirginieL said...

It's really a beautiful model. I love these little purple birds !!!

Barbara said...

My charts finally came in, but I still have obligation stitching to clear out first. Your progress is great!!

And that poem! It's wonderful! Like fresh air in winter...

Katrina said...

Love the poem and your piece is coming along beautifully. The colors are gorgeous :-).

Itching To Stitch said...

Love that BBD piece. I might have to get that one ;)

Vonna said...

I love the birds and words bit each week and your doing lovely progress!!!!

Nancy said...

Hi Rachel!

Your sampler is looking beautiful! I like the poem too - so cheerful. This has been so fun stitching "with you". Every time I sit down to stitch AtDD I think of the rest of you doing the same.

Enjoy your evening,

Cheryl said...

Your wip looks great! Ive seen quite a few people stitching this piece, its really lovely

Jen said...

Your progress looks great. I really need to stitch one of these designs.

Margaret said...

You are making such wonderful progress on this lovely piece. Another great bird poem.

Michelle said...

Beautiful progress on Dawning Day - I like that poem too.

Heather said...

It is so pretty!! You are doing such a nice job!!

Espresso Girlie said...

What a lovely poem and stitching progress. My son loves birds and seeing your bird pictures makes me smile and think of him.


lena-lou said...

I loved the Poem and your progress on this piece is so nice it will be wonderful looking when finished as the colours are so nice and rich :)
Enjoy your week and 4th of July

Solstitches said...

This is looking lovlier each time I see it.
Have fun building your house :)


Karin said...

Gorgeous work! What a lovely poem.