Vonna's PiF Received

There are more pictures over at Vonna's blog of the little Pif gifts I sent to her. (I failed to get my crummy camera to take decent pictures this time, but thanks to Nicole, I may be learning.)

I think Vonna really liked it, even though she forgot a PiF was coming her way. :) It is the With My Needle pinkeep and scissor fob from the JCS 2006 Ornament magazine, stitched with an orangey-pink DMC variegated floss that reminded me of summer and Vonna's great personality. The pinkeep is stitched over one with an alphabet on the front and on the back I added our initials and the phrase "pins for thee." The fob includes a quaker flower and bird motif and Vonna's monogram. I also had fun selecting paint colors to create some matching pins for this project. The paint dried a little too matte, so I dipped them in a clear acryllic gloss on the second coat to create a little sheen.

My gift to Sharon is out in the mail and Wendy's is almost finished. I also have a surprise PiF going to a special someone since only 3 ladies signed up under me.

I have created a rotation for new projects and old wip's. Tonight I plan to start the newest BBD Loose Feathers, "Awake the Dawning Day." This will be an SAL with some lovely ladies from The Love of Stitching yahoo group. I have a little something special planned for my blog as I stitch along on this, more details to come.

I'm also trying to finish up the Jane Austen Sampler, a couple of Christmas ornaments, and an embarrasingly old UFO, Quaker Garden.

Rotation Schedule
Ornaments: Rejoice Ornie and then 2006 Annual PS Santa

At Home with Jane Austen (goal is finish by June 21)

Awake the Dawning Day

Quaker Garden

I hope all my stitching pals out there are having a fantastic week. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and thanks especially to my new readers. If I've not made it by your blogs to say thank you, I will soon!


Nicole said...

Rachel if you have a macro setting on your camera try that or the way I do it is using the action setting. It seems to help stabilize the camera so I can take pics. that aren't blurry using natural light. Good luck and the PIF is beautiful by the way! :)

Carol said...

How sweet of you to make such lovely gifts for Vonna!!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Nicole, thanks for your comment. Thanks to you I have been fiddling with the settings and found out how to make the image quality and size better, and that seems to help a lot. I can't find anything called macro or action setting. Mine is a pretty cheap Polaroid digital. But I do appreciate your help!

Sally said...

Those are lovely gifts for Vonna, Rachel. I love the colours you've stitched them in as they are so bright and cheerful.

Barbara said...

You can also take a shot from further away and then use the crop action on your picture editor. I had to resort to that with my last camera. ;)

The gifties for Vonna are so lovely and it was so sweet of you!

Vonna said...

I love them! Thank you :)
Can't wait to see the others!!!!

Sharon said...

These are just adorable and so pretty! Lovely pif gifts.

Nicole said...

Hi again Rachel - your new pic turned out great! That's really what you have to do - just explore different options until you find what's right for you! :)

Lavender Rose said...

Rachel, Your little pieces for Vonna are simply adorable!! OMG, I love them! Great work. I'm on a Blackbird binge and stocked in a bunch of the charts this past week. Don't know when I'll get to them...:p

Anita said...

They are so pretty. You are so creative to make the pins match the color of the fob.

Nancy said...

What a beautiful gift you have stitched Rachel! I love the color of thread, and I read on Vonna's blog that you handpainted the pins - WOW! We're starting Awake the Dawning Day about the same time - I am going through my fabric today to choose one.

Happy stitching,

lena-lou said...

This was sucha nice gift for Vonna, and Iove what she said you wrote :-)